At just 13 years old, Katie Beth Evans knew she wanted to own a salon. In 2019, that dream became a reality in the form of Salon J’adore, and it’s been a dream come true for her customers, too. 

There are a few things that set Salon J’adore apart: luxury, consistency, and personality. The moment customers arrive, they are met not only with the personable staff, but with an atmosphere that’s the perfect blend of high-end and family friendly. Clients recognize Salon J’adore as “the one with the Louis Vuitton canvas chairs,” and thematic touches – like columns and framed Hermés silk scarves – speak to the sense of opulence that the Salon J’adore Team hopes to convey. 

The Salon J’adore Team knows that decor alone doesn’t make a great haircut. The mantra of the salon is “luxurious hair care for a beautiful you,” and everyone at the salon takes their craft seriously. That’s why every stylist, regardless of experience or background, is trained to the same carefully-selected standards.

“Our goal is that a client can sit in any chair and know what they’re getting,” Evans says. “Whether there’s one stylist they see all the time, or they’re working with someone new, our customers are confident that they’ll come out looking and feeling great.” 

Striking the balance between classy and comfortable isn’t easy, but the Salon J’adore Team brings together fashion-forward styles, friendly faces and the expertise to match any taste.